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A Letter from Your Future Consultant

Hands poised over an open notebook displaying an idea map with the word "non profit" in the center.

Dear Founder,

You bore your nonprofit organization from your heart. You raised it with equal parts love, sweat, and tears. You have brought it to some measure of success, and now… you are encouraged to share its leadership?!

This scenario plays out in many ways. Sometimes the founder is ready to give up some control. Sometimes this is encouraged by board members, contracts, or otherwise. Regardless of the circumstances, the transition is never easy. Like with a lover taking over your closet, resentment can build even when this other person is both what you want and need. But imagine if you could have expanded your own closet before they moved in; sat down and drew out an organizational system that makes sense to both of you, and comfortably fits all your stuff?

We know, we know, “consultants are expensive.” “They’re out of touch.” “They only work their own way.” “They just create more work for the rest of us.” “That’s not how we said we were going to move forward.” We get it. We’ve been there. We’ve said that. We come from the industry and have sat in your seat.

As your consultant in interim leadership, strategic planning, capital campaigning, leadership training, capacity building, etc., we won’t:

  • Make you fear that we’re coming in with our own agenda or trying to build our own legacy

  • Keep track of your hours or require you to report back to us

  • Put our own spin on your mission or vision

  • Move into your office and require you have space and equipment for us

  • Expect to be trained or learn as we go

  • Ask that you compensate us like an employee

But we will:

  • Share our expertise, resources, and years of experience

  • Have clear deliverables

  • Work efficiently

  • Set you up for success with proven systems that are adjusted specifically for your organization

Leadership transitions are tricky. Change is almost always wrapped up in emotion and the challenges involved in entrusting your mission with someone else. Let your consultant be the entrusted partner who teaches you all the benefits of sharing the load and enables you to learn how that can work best. You will know we are successful when you are ready to take the plunge and hire someone else to share your closet and co-parent your organization.


Your Future Consultant

Ready to take the leap? Contact us.


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