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The Heart of Mercer Street

Photo from Mercer Street Friend's Facebook

Food. Family. Education. At the heart of Mercer Street Friends’ work in Trenton and Mercer County, NJ, is their mission to nourish minds and bodies, empower families and communities. That mission is strong and vibrant today, nearly 65 years after being founded by the Quaker community.

This organization, under the volunteer leadership of CEO Bernie Flynn, is one that continues to flourish and nurture communities, providing vital life resources to children, adults, and families. As the Food Bank for Mercer County, Mercer Street Friends partners with over 100 pantries, soup kitchens, social services, community centers, and religious organizations to address food insecurity in Trenton and throughout the County. Recognized in the State of New Jersey as a leader in the Community School movement, Mercer Street Friends provides critical academic, social, and emotional support to students in the Trenton School District. And as a comprehensive human services organization, Mercer Street Friends answers the call from families who seek guidance in escaping domestic violence in their homes, medical referrals for pregnant mothers and their babies, adult education for those committed to receiving a high school diploma, and counseling for families who experience the trauma of poverty.

Sobel Bixel: Consulting for Nonprofits has been fortunate to partner with Mercer Street Friends for five years – providing strategic fundraising and organizational counsel, interim development leadership staffing, grant writing, and campaign counsel.

Mercer Street Friends has become and will continue to be a model of success for organizations that provide, day in and day out, the resources to communities in need. Its fundraising program is flourishing. Its programs and services only get stronger. And while the need for Mercer Street Friends does not cease, the organization hopes to continue to ease the burden that is carried by so many living in poverty.

It is an honor for Sobel Bixel to serve Mercer Street Friends.


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