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Sobel Bixel: Consulting for Nonprofits is an independent fundraising and organizational management firm founded in May 2021, following the merger of Semple Bixel Associates, Inc. and Jeffrey Sobel Consulting.



of experienced nonprofit and fundraising professionals bring a breadth of experience, insight, and know-how to address the fundraising and organizational challenges of gift-supported institutions.




in the arts, humanities, education, and human services sectors trust us to mentor and guide their teams to realize their visions, even in challenging environments.


With a commitment to sound research and historical analysis, and a deep understanding of the cultural landscape in each sector we serve, our team takes pride in supporting nonprofit organizations as they identify, develop, and implement strategies that lay the groundwork for their success.

We tend not to follow the “book” on strategic planning and fundraising because it is written for all nonprofit institutions … and applicable to none. The “book” needs interpretation in light of our clients’ needs, opportunities, and sensitivities. We interpret. We direct. We get results.

 The creative and personalized approach that we bring to each client is the signature of our service. Sometimes they need counsel, sometimes an extra hand. Sometimes full leadership, and sometimes a compassionate ear. Whatever your need, we are with you.

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Sobel Bixel: Consulting for Nonprofits embraces diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in our work, internally and during engagements with our clients. As fundraisers, we are keenly aware of wealth inequities and aim to balance revenue needs against responsible practices including diversification of funding sources, reexamination of antiquated conventions, and retelling our clients’ stories while maintaining the dignity of those they serve. We are actively listening, learning, and striving to be at the forefront of our changing sector. 

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