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Is your board working for you? Take this quiz to see

Five joyful individuals in business attire gather around a conference table for a board meeting.

  • Does every board member understand your mission?

  • Is every board member passionate about the work and able to talk about it eloquently?

  • Can every board member similarly describe the 3 and 5-year goals for the organization?

  • Is every board member interested in providing resources to your organization and willing and motivated to talk about it and advocate for it?

  • Does every board member make personal contributions to the extent of their ability and include your organization in their top 3 charities?

  • Does every Member “get” as well as “give”?

  • Do you have one or two people who act as strong leaders; asking the hard questions of the organization and board themselves?

  • Do you have one or two people who inspire other board members to give their best to the organization and model strong board service themselves?

  • Do you have at least one person who understands nonprofit budget management and can work with the leadership on accountability, planning and reporting?

  • Do you have some worker bees, helping when needed?

  • Do you have some members making larger contributions than the standard give/get?

If you answered “no” to two or more of the above, it’s probably time for a Board retreat. We can help.


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