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Strengthening the Foundation at Westfield Foundation

Photo from The Westfield Foundation's Facebook page

Founded in 1975, The Westfield Foundation is committed to meeting the needs of the people living in and around Westfield, NJ by contributing to area programs and organizations that make the community such a special place to live and raise our families. This includes social service agencies, health organizations, education, arts, and various other community needs.

Over the last 12 months, we have had the privilege of working with The Westfield Foundation on fundamental administrative needs in an interim executive leadership capacity. Our goal was to modernize the organization by working on several key projects, all with the greater intention towards both stewardship of the constituency and growing its impact and reach. This included providing high-level counsel about digitizing administrative systems that would enable impactful cultivation of interested individuals, from their initial interest to their first contribution, to the nonprofit they love receiving a grant.

We were able to get these projects in progress when the outstanding new Executive Director Kathryn Curran-Darcy took over the effort and we are proud to leave the organization in a better place and extremely capable hands. We are eager to track their success as they continue supporting the greater Westfield community with impactful grant-making.


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